Evap Smoke Machine – Get High Performance & Vapor Enriched System

Have you ever wondered what special effects can be created by smoke machines? Do you know what makes the smoke and how the machine works? You can find all such amazing facts and information in this article. Evap Smoke Machine evolves vapors that nearly resembles to fog or smoke.  This artificial smoke can be utilized in number of fields, including military, industries, training etc. Small sized smoke machines are also being used for personal use.

md6521 300x300 Evap Smoke Machine   Get High Performance & Vapor Enriched SystemThe smoke or fog is created by vaporizing water and some fluids, such as glycerin, glycol etc. Vapors can be generated through atomization of mineral oil. The fluid used for vaporization is known as fog or smoke juice. It atomizes inside the machine. In this entire process, machine is excited externally and contact with the moisture in the environment. This results in a dense and noticeable smoke.

You will find two types of smoke machines;

  • Heated Smoke Machines
  • Chilled Smoke Machines

Heated Machine:
The heated smoke machine operates by using an electric pump which enforces water mixture and other fluids into heat exchanger. Sometimes, it uses inert gas to propel the mixture. This mixture is vaporized in heat exchanger chamber.

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Chilled Machine:
These machines are especially designed to evolve thick clouds of smoke. The vapors lie near the ground and they start dispersing as soon as they rise. These chilled machines work by using dry ice or nitrogen gas.

Applications of Smoke Machines:
Due to greater availability and reasonable cost, smoke machines are widely used all over the world. They are being used to create certain moods or feelings, as they evolve some special effects. They are frequently utilized in theatres, dramas etc. They are used to create special effects in forests display, haunted houses and Halloween Presentation. They are often used at night Clubs.

As far as the industrial applications are concerned, smoke machines are widely used by cleaning companies. They are utilized in pest control industries. For military applications, they are as good as in industrial applications. They help to design smoke screen, smoke grenade and bombs.

However, this multi-functional machine has adverse effects on our health and environment. The vapors generated by water, dry ice and other fluids like nitrogen, glycol, glycerin, can be harmful for our respiratory system. It can cause Anoxia, which is lacking of oxygen. This is quite harmful for people working in such areas. It may evolve excessive amount of carbon dioxide and nitrogen that interrupts with our breathing system.

These smoke machines work amazingly well on cars and lightweight trucks. They help the technicians to detect Evap leak or trouble on a car or a truck. Now, let’s take a brief look to some of the best quality Evap smoke machines.

  • Cool Smoke Evap Leak Detection System
  • OTC 6522 Evap Leak Detection System Smoke Machine
  •  Vacutec Evap UV Smoke Machine Solution, Fluid Refill
  • Snap on Evap UV Smoke Machine Solution, Fluid Refill
  •  Vacutec Evaporative System Tester Smoke Machine System
  • Champion OTC Evap Smoke Machine

All these branded Evap Smoke Machines use advanced technology. They are safer and they don’t use any heat, to develop thick clouds of smoke.

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